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Research Fellows

The Steinbrenner Graduate Fellowship program has been established to provide support to highly qualified, second-year graduate students across all 7 colleges at Carnegie Mellon who are involved in environmentally-focused, interdisciplinary research projects on topics aligned with the strategic focus areas of the Steinbrenner Institute. The two strategic focus areas are a) energy transition strategies and b) urban infrastructure and sustainable cities.

About the Fellowship:

  • Proposals should be submitted by a faculty advisor on behalf of their advisee
  • Up to 4 fellowships will be granted per academic year
  • Students receiving support will be required to present a poster at the annual Steinbrenner Institute Environmental Colloquium, held during the spring semester of each year
  • Fellowship applicants much be exceptional Carnegie Mellon students entering their second year of PhD studies and must be involved in an ongoing research project
  • The purpose of the Steinbrenner Graduate Research Fellowship is to provide support for PhD students engaged in cutting edge environmental research for which traditional funding may not be available

For more information on the Steinbrenner Graduate Research Fellowship program please contact Deborah Lange at or (412) 268-7121


2016—2017 Fellows

  • Kerrigan Cain (Chemical Engineering)

    Title: "Water Solubility Distribution of Atmospheric Aerosols"
  • Lydia Jahl (Chemistry)

    Title: "Direct determination of the heterogeneous kinetics of N2O5 and IEPOX vapor uptake and secondary aerosol production using aerosol optical tweezers"
  • Bowen Yu (Mechanical Engineering)

    Title: "Nanophotonic Solar Thermophotovoltaic cells with Extremely High Efficiency"

2015—2016 Fellows

  • Chelsea Kolb (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

    Title: "Impacts of climate change induced bromide increases in groundwater on disinfection byproduct formation and speciation for coastal drinking water utilities"
  • Brian Sergi (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Understanding public perceptions of energy tradeoffs in climate, health, and economic cost using discrete choice analysis"
  • Michael Craig (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Assessing the Economic Merits of Flexible Carbon Capture and Sequestration as a Compliance Strategy with the U.S. Clean Power Plan"

2014—2015 Fellows

  • Georges Saliba (Mechanical Engineering)

    Title: "Constraining the radiative uncertainty of anthropogenic emissions on climate"
  • Daniel Gingerich (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Waste-Heat Driven Processes for Power Plant Water Treatments"
  • Michael Polen (Chemistry)

    Title: "Ice Nucleation Properties of Atmospherically Aged Biomass Burning Aerosol"
  • Sara Abdollah (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Determining the water footprint of a U.S. household: Toward the design of sustainable urban systems that meet future water demands"

2013—2014 Fellows

  • Andrew Hamman (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Coordinated Predictive Control of Hydropower Cascades to enable increased Penetration of Variable Renewable Generation"
  • Jeffrey Song (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Probabilistic Framework for Environmental DNA Sampling Design"
  • Fan Tong (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Does using natural gas to power vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions?"
  • Xiang Li (Mechanical Engineering)

    Title: "Characterizing the total contribution of vehicular emissions to ambient air pollution"


2012—2013 Fellows

  • Shalini Ramesh (Architecture)

    Title: "Urban Energy Information Modeling: Coupling the thermodynamic interactions between the natural and the built environment affecting building energy consumption"
  • Yuxin Wang (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

    Title: "Recommendation for a Protective Bromide Standard for Drinking Water Sources using Data from Southwestern Pa."
  • Adam Ahearn (Chemistry)

    Title: "Characterizing Aerosol Emissions from Residential Biomass Burning"
  • Matthew Mills (Chemistry)

    Title: "Biomimetic, Catalyzed Degradation of Ethinylestradiol with Hydrogen Peroxide for Use in Wastewater Treatment"
  • Raul Figueroa (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Evaluation of Technical and Regulatory Strategies to Improve Structural Safety while Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Concrete-Framed buildings with Emphasis on Projects in Low-Income Jurisdictions and Developing Countries"

2011—2012 Fellows

  • Ahmed Abdulla (Steinbrenner Robert W. Dunlap Graduate Research Fellow- Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Investigating the Economic Viability of Small, Modular Nuclear Reactors"
  • Wayne Chuang (Chemical Engineering)

    Title: "Characterization and Aging of Black Carbon Particles"
  • Bowen Yu (Mechanical Engineering)

    Title: "Nanophotonic Solar Thermophotovoltaic cells with Extremely High Efficiency"
  • Arvind Murali Mohan (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

    Title: "Determining the Microbial Impacts on the Fate of Radionuclides in Flowback Water from Hydraulic Fracturing of the Marcellus Shale"

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