Carnegie Mellon University

Steinbrenner Programs

Environmental research and the support of Doctoral Fellows are the primary initiatives of the Steinbrenner Institute. Read more about the Steinbrenner Programs:

U.S. Environmental Carrying Capacity

With support from the Colcom Foundation the Steinbrenner Institute has awarded several three-year PhD fellowships for interdisciplinary study of topics related to U.S. environmental sustainability. Example research topics of the fellows include factors governing water use in the U.S., sustainability of the Los Angeles water supply, and implications of population shifts and growth on regional greenhouse gas emissions.

Doctoral Fellowship Program

The Docotoral Fellowship program provides support to highly qualified, second-year doctoral students across CMU's 7 colleges  who are involved in environmentally-focused, interdisciplinary research projects on topics aligned with Steinbrenner's two strategic focus areas: a) energy transition strategies and b) urban infrastructure and sustainable cities.

SEED Grants

The Steinbrenner Institute provides small grants to CMU students, staff and faculty for the development or enhancement of formal and informal environmental education programs. Applications are accepted on a ‘rolling’ basis and the maximum amount of a SEED grant is $2500.