Carnegie Mellon University

photoStephen Lee


Housing and transportation create significant impacts in our economy and to our planet. In 2001, there were over 1.5 million new housing starts worth almost $400 Billion. This means that we are adding new units to our current housing stock of 108 Million units at a rate of less than 2% per year. In 2001, there were over 191 million vehicles, or 1.75 vehicles per household, that consumed 2,430 Million barrels of oil at a cost of $150.3 Billion. Today, we are consuming almost 50% of our total energy supply for housing and transportation. The path to a more sustainable future lies at the intersection of design, enabling technology and construction utilizing an integrated building delivery process involving homeowners, designers, constructors, regulators and financiers. Projects like the Solar Decathlon enable our students of architecture, design and engineering to obtain the knowledge, tools and experience to become the leaders of tomorrow creating and implementing innovative solutions that will ensure our sustainable future.