Carnegie Mellon University

photoBarb Kviz

Green Practices (FMS)

We are living in a challenging and exciting time of change that will affect the ecology of our planet for years to come. Every day I learn about new green products, designs or practices that are being developed or recommended for use. The effort of every person to get involved and do something is essential to making these changes effective. Learning does not start and stop in the classroom. Informal environmental education is raising awareness and demonstrating that new technologies or behaviors are not only good for the environment but can be easy, economical and fun! Campus faculty, staff and students working together on applied projects have demonstrated practical solutions for best environmental practices. Using the campus as a living laboratory for this exploration challenges us to think and act differently and more holistic. I believe that by investigating the connection between every day life and our impact on the environment, we can be inspired to take action and become better stewards of our campus community and our planet.