Carnegie Mellon University

Environmental Perspectives

Our campus community includes diverse backgrounds and interests, impacts that are felt across local and global venues.

Carnegie Mellon faculty, graduate students and staff and in some cases, undergraduate students, are involved in educating broadly and specifically about the environment. We feature their environmental perspectives through the lens of their particular disciplines.

photo "Atmospheric science is not an “ivory tower” discipline but an endeavor to preserve this fragile cocoon in which we live... (read more)"

Peter J. Adams, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Engineering and Public Policy

photo "Native philosophy about making decisions always considered seven future generations... (read more)"

Bob Bingham, Art

photo "Economists working on the climate change issue have shown how market forces can be effectively harnessed by public policy... (read more)"

Lee Branstetter, Heinz College, School of Public Policy and Management; Department of Social and Decision Sciences

photo "Many individuals experience complete or partial disconnection from the environment... (read more)"

Patricia Carpenter, Psychology (Emeritus)

photo "…every person counts. I believe our students are realizing that there is a huge opportunity... (read more)"

Melissa Cicozi, Design

photo "Environmental problems are always characterized by multiple, conflicting objectives and, typically, by multiple, conflicting interest groups... (read more)"

Jared Cohon, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Engineering and Public Policy; Past President, CMU

photo "The consequences of human action now project distantly as never before in both time and space -for millennia and to the entire planet... (read more)"

Terry Collins; Chemistry; Institute for Green Oxidation Chemistry

photo "Activism and scientific research pull on each other with delicious tension... (read more)"

Neil Donahue, Chemical Engineering; Chemistry

photo "...wise choices don't require certainty, just an understanding of what gambles we want taken with our world... (read more)"

Baruch Fischhoff, Engineering and Public Policy; Social and Decision Sciences

photo "A breath of knowledge is essential to understanding environmental issues and sorting through the possibilities... (read more)"

Michael Griffin, Green Design Institute

photo "As globalization of our world economy continues, there is evidence that real material sustainability is questionable... (read more)"

Robert Heard, Materials Science and Engineering

photo "Of particular interest, our civilization has placed its fresh water especially at risk... (read more)"

Sushil Khetan, Chemistry; Institute for Green Chemistry

photo "We now have an opportunity to change the built environment and should aspire to work together... (read more)"

Kristen Kurland, Architecture

photo " investigating the connection between every day life and our impact on the environment, we can be inspired to take action and become better stewards of our campus community and our planet... (read more)"

Barb Kviz, Green Practices

photo "The path to a more sustainable future lies at the intersection of design... (read more)"

Stephen Lee, Architecture

photo "Design decisions are driven by preferences in the marketplace; however, they tend to favor our preferences for private benefit over our preferences for public benefit... (read more)"

Jeremy Michalek, Mechanical Engineering

photo "...the current generation of students will be the ones to lead major, global changes in how energy is supplied and used... (read more)"

Lisa Porter, Materials Science and Engineering

photo "...elevated concentrations of small suspended particles, such as those seen in the exhaust plume of diesel bus, are believed to cause 50,000 premature deaths in the United States a year... (read more)"

Allen Robinson, Engineering and Public Policy; Mechanical Engineering

photo " is important for us to understand how our actions impact the environment and communicate our beliefs to others... (read more)"

Stacie Rohrbach, Design

photo "...the challenge for scientists and engineers is to devise methods to harvest solar energy both efficiently and inexpensively... (read more)"

Gregory Rohrer, Materials Science and Engineering

photo "Too often, historical analysis is constrained by a "social relations determinism" that privileges economics and politics over ecology and material culture.... (read more)"

John Soluri, History