Carnegie Mellon University

Minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies

There is no application process for the program in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, however a student must declare the Minor or Additional Major by contacting the Advisor or Program Director of the Environmental and Sustainability Studies program. Due to limited enrollment for a small class size in core course 79-336 “Introduction to Environmental Ideas” (9 Units), students are encouraged to declare the Minor or Additional Major as early as possible, so they can receive priority in course registration.

Students who pursue the minor will be able to: 
  • Identify humanistic, social, and scientific perspectives for problems of environment and sustainability
  • Distinguish among scientific methods for evaluating problems of environment and sustainability
  • Connect how aspects of history, culture, ethics, language, and arts relate to environment and sustainability, including goals for environmental justice and global climate justice
  • Discuss sources of data about environment and sustainability

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