Take Your Best Shot Photo Contest-Steinbrenner Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

'Take Your Best Shot' Photo Contest

Sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University's Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research and the College of Engineering

'Take Your Best Shot' was organized by Chriss Swaney (CIT Media Relations) and launched during the G-20 Summit held in Pittsburgh on September 24 and 25, 2009.  The competition was open to Carnegie Mellon faculty, staff and students as well as any other interested parties and was divided into three categories: nature, people and places. 

The contest was judged by Justin Merriman, an award-winning photojournalist with The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review newspaper.  Below are his contest comments and judging results.

"I have to tell you I was extremely impressed! All of the photos were very strong and all made use of composition, light and great subjects. The winners did all three exceptionally well. I can easily say it was one of the best college photo contests I have judged. There seems to be a great group of photographers at CMU and I would love to see them continue their shooting. Thanks for allowing me to judge the contest.''


Nature Category

First Place - Biplab Dey

Nature Category First Place

"An interesting composition with great light and well composed subject in the frame. The symmetry of the trees, the colors and the silhouetted person makes the photo rise above the other entries."

Second Place - John Marano Jr.

Nature Category Second Place

"A great image that captures the texture and brilliance of Fall."

Third Place - Santosh Chandrasekaran

Nature Category Third Place

"A strong image with great potential. The reflection of the man makes the image."

People Category

First Place - John Marano Jr.

People Category First Place

"Easily the best photo in the category. I have seen many photos from this event, including from both city newspapers, but this photo rises above any I have seen. It has mood, tension, and a great composition. A photo any photographer would have been proud to have taken."

Second Place - Moinul Islam Zaber

People Category Second Place

"A very interesting photo. There seems to be many layers in the photograph and I would love to see it printed really large to give the viewer a chance to get really get into the frame."

Third Place - Biplab Dey

People Category Third Place

"A great expression and interesting photo. It all works and gives a great sense of subject."

Places Category

First Place - Moinul Islam Zaber

Places Category First Place

"A wonderful image! The muted color and tone of the image really captures the scene. Print this up to poster size and start selling it. I would hang it on my wall."

Second Place - Biplab Dey

Place Category Second Place

"A well composed photo that shows you do not have to travel far to make great images. The photo shows the photographer's ability to see in a unique way and the colors help make this photo stronger."

Third Place - John Marano Jr.

Place Category Third Place

"This photo makes use of great light and has a great feel to it. Another photo I would love to see printed really large."

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