Environmental Education-Steinbrenner Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

Environmental Education

Educational initiatives can inspire faculty to think anew, share ideas and communicate with others about content and pedagogies that can enrich their teaching. They can also build a community of faculty and could lead to a scholarship of teaching and learning.

While there are numerous courses on environmental topics taught routinely, we believe that frequent exposure to environmental and sustainability in the context of different subject areas and embedded in courses as examples and cases convey to the students an imperative to consider environmental aspects in all they do.

Two university-wide curricular initiatives on the environment and several of their products and results are featured here. They enrich our students’ education and continue to reach more than 1000 students every year. We continue to teach many of the courses started by these initiatives.  

To learn more about environmental courses offered at Carnegie Mellon, please visit the Environmental Education webpage or contact Amy L Burkert, ak11@andrew.cmu.edu.