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Before You Begin
Before you begin the demo, please read through the following notes that explain briefly how StatTutor works:

StatTutor is a learning tool that provides you with a data analysis problem, supports you as you attempt to solve it, and gives you hints and feedback along the way. In one of the first few steps, you will download the dataset for the problem. You will need to have Minitab installed on your computer in order to view this dataset.

Now you are ready to begin solving the problem. The main StatTutor window is split into three frames:

Top Right: The top right frame contains the problem description and lists the relevant questions and variables.

Left: The steps that you go through to solve the data analysis problem are shown in the left frame, and you will click on them in sequence as you progress through the problem. One of the main ideas behind StatTutor is to demonstrate that when solving data analysis problems we always go through the same set of steps; thus, the steps in the left frame are not specific to a given problem, but are the same for all problems you will solve in StatTutor.

Bottom Right: As you click on each step in the left frame, a new worksheet will appear in the bottom right frame. This is where you will do your work.

If at any time you need help, or are confused about what to do next, you can always ask for a hint by clicking on the green hint button in the upper corner of the bottom right frame.


Start the Demo
Once you've read the above instructions, you can begin the tutor by clicking here. The tutor will walk you through a problem involving student grades, and will help you conduct a statistical analysis and answer several questions about the dataset.

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