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Kaycee Palko

Kaycee Palko

Communication Chair
Rewards & Recognition Committee
At-Large Rep
Academic Advisor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Kaycee has a bachelor of arts in Political Science from Susquehanna University and a master of science degree in Student Development and Counseling from Northeastern University.

I have been at the University since 2006 working in the Division of Student Affairs. As a Senior Coordinator of SLICE, I have the amazing opportunity to work and advise students and student organizations, such as the Graduate Student Assembly, the Student Body Vice President for Organizations, and Sweepstakes (Buggy). Our students are truly innovative and passionate. It takes a dedicate and committed staff community to help support our students and the campus community. Serving on Staff Council over the years has provided me the ability to build staff relationships across the University. During my time serving, I have had the pleasure Chairing the Rewards and Recognition Committee and being elected as Treasurer for a couple of terms. This year, I have serve as the Communications Committee Chair and have been working towards a goal of more communication and transparency to the staff community of what Staff Council is working on. If elected, I would continue this work.