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CMU Kennywood Day

CMU employees can purchase two Funday tickets for $15 each (valid only on Kennywood Employee Day) and additional Funday tickets for $23 each.
Pavilion 7 will be reserved for the CMU community. The children's (ages 10 & under) prize giveaway and ice cream distribution will be at 1 p.m. at Pavilion 7.

You must have your own CMU ID to purchase tickets. Cash only.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who sponsors the Kennywood Picnic each year?

Though Staff Council coordinates the picnic and sells tickets, Carnegie Mellon upper administration actually subsidizes ticket sales to enable staff members to enjoy a discounted rate.

Why am I only allowed to purchase two $15.00 staff tickets?

The cost to staff has gone up because the cost of subsidizing the difference between what staff members pay and what Kennywood charges Carnegie Mellon for each ticket has risen considerably over the course of ten years.  However, $15.00 per ticket is still a significant discount; the gate price this year is $41.99*, a savings of $26.99 for staff members!  Please note, the $15 tickets are available to Carnegie Mellon employees only.  All individuals with a sponsored ID can purchase the $23 funday tickets.

What is the cost for additional tickets?

Each staff member has the option to purchase up to ten tickets at $23 each, in addition to the two $15.00 staff tickets.  (limit 2 at $15 for each ticket).

Can I use Carnegie Mellon picnic tickets on another day?

Tickets purchased through Staff Council may be used on other dates through the end of the season, with the exception of the $15 staff ticket (this is valid only on the day of the event). There is an additional surcharge of $10.00 per ticket for each picnic ticket that is used on a subsequent weekend.