Carnegie Mellon University

Staff Council

The voice for staff at Carnegie Mellon University

Advocacy Initiatives

Staff Council provides a forum for staff to voice concerns, make recommendations, and propose new ideas. Elected representatives work closely with university administration to address issues and develop best solutions for the majority. Great things can happen when we focus our efforts.

Employee Relations

Staff Council works directly with university administration, Human Resources, and other invested entities to facilitate positive employee relations and to promote fairness and adherence to university policies.

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Carnegie Mellon Ethics Hotline

Staff Council Relations Grievances Advisory Committee

Policies & Benefits 

Staff Council reviews university policies and human resources benefits programs, in addition to hearing concerns and calls-to-action from staff members, to make recommendations to the university administration and Human Resources. 

University Policies

HR Policies, Guides, and Handbooks

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Staff Council Benefits Committee

University Community

Staff Council advises on matters concerning the Carnegie Mellon University community. We are invested in the mission and vision of the university, as well as the well-being, culture, and longevity of the community and environment in which it thrives.

Environment at CMU

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Diversity & Inclusion