Research Activities at CMU-SV -Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Research Activities at CMU-SV -Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Research Activities at CMU-SV

The Silicon Valley campus is home to the Cylab Mobility Research Center as well as work on context-aware mobile systems, statistical methods, natural language translation, mobile health, security, hardware-optimization, and open source software environments. The campus is located at the NASA Ames Research Center to facilitate collaboration with NASA scientists.

Researchers, faculty and students have access to several laboratories on campus, including the Carnegie Mellon Innovations Lab, the Connected Embedded Systems Lab, the Smart Spaces Lab and the RF Lab, to develop new ideas. Students also work with faculty and industry partners on research projects, through practicums and assistantships. Many ideas that started at the Silicon Valley campus have gone on to become start-up companies.

Cylab Mobility Research Center

Director: Bob Iannucci

Research covers wireless security, mobile context awareness, airborne sensing, in-building sensing. As the MRC expands, we are exploring cross-layer mobile networking, platformization of the Internet of Things, camera as a primary input device for mobile phones, ultra-low-power computing and indoor positioning systems. Learn more

Current Research Projects

Bayesian Networks: Complexity of network computation, fault diagnosis, analytics

BOSE: Building Occupancy Sensing Estimation

Building a Smart Community ontology

Circular compositional reasoning by learning and abstraction-refinement

Collaborative scientific workflow design and management as a service

A community-driven workflow recommendations and reuse infrastructure

Cross disciplinary research on time-aware applications, computers and communication systems


3-Dimensional RF Field Modeling

Crowdsourced data for earthquake monitoring and rapid response

Federated platform for sensor data-centric service development and sharing

Indoor positioning

Information and influence propagation in social networks

Intelligent Dynamic Monitoring and Decision Systems (iDyMonDS)

MARS real-time motion capture and muscle fatigue monitoring tool

Mera: Memoized ranged systematic software analyses

Parallel and distributed algorithms for intelligent systems

Robust connectivity in the presence of insecure and unreliable links in ad-hoc networks

Robust, optimal design of interdependent, multi-layer, and multiplex networks

Robust wireless communications

Security and privacy in mobile devices

Secure and resilient networking

Semantic harmonization of smart grid concepts


Social networks: data analysis and machine learning

Stochastic Optimization

Survivable Social Network

Verification and validation