Lorien Pratt, Quantellia-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Lorien Pratt, Quantellia-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Lorien Pratt

Lorien Pratt headshotThe Silicon Valley campus welcomes the noted analyst and decision scientist Lorien Pratt, co-founder of Quantellia.

  • Wednesday, April 16
  • 1:30 p.m.
  • Silicon Valley campus, Bldg 23 Room 118

Decision Intelligence, Theory and Practice

Abstract: Decision Intelligence is an emerging discipline that unifies complex systems, predictive analytics, causal reasoning, optimization, and more into a unified framework that overcomes limitations of the current data stack that are faced by organizations worldwide. Just as the Unified Modeling Language (UML), along with associated tool companies like Rational, brought the discipline of design to software development, decision intelligence is a methodology, supported by software, that overcomes a number of barriers that have limited the practical use cases of the analytic / data stack. In particular, Decision Intelligence brings engineering practices to decision making, treating the “decision” as an engineered artifact. This means that best practices from design, agile development, and more can now be used to evolve decisions over time, creating a continuous “organizational learning” framework in diverse settings such as the US government and transnational corporations.

This talk is an introduction to the practice and theory behind decision intelligence. We’ll answer:

  • What is the one question that, more than any other, organizations want technology to answer, but that it does not? 
  • How can machine learning / analytics / optimization technologies be expanded from fully automated use cases to new ones that require some human interaction? 
  • As big data hype normalizes, what comes next? 
  • How can we extend beyond "what do I know?" to "what can I do to impact my goals?" 
  • What problems do emerging democracies and multinational companies share in common, which can be solved with AI/neural network/machine learning technology? 
  • How can data and analytics technologies help to solve the Millennium Global Challenges (poverty, clean water, energy, and more)?

About the Speaker: Pratt co-founded Quantellia in 2008 with Mark Zangari to offer Decision Intelligence software and services worldwide. As chief scientist she combines her technology analyst background with expertise in neural networks, machine learning, analytics, artificial intelligence, and decision making.

Pratt previously served as global director of telecommunications research for Stratecast (a division of Frost & Sullivan) and also worked at Bellcore and IBM. A graduate of Dartmouth College and Rutgers University, she holds three degrees in computer science. A recipient of the CAREER award from the National Science Foundation, and the author of dozens of technical papers and articles, Pratt is also a well-known speaker, author, and co-editor (with Sebastian Thrun) of the book Learning to Learn. Formerly based in Denver, starting this week, Pratt will begin splitting her time between Denver and her new home in the Bay Area.