TOCS Event-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

TOCS Event-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

TOCS Event


Stan Rosenschein

Stan Rosenschein

BranchTime Technologies

CSLI, Stanford University


April 23, 1:30 pm



CMUSV, Rm 118 [directions]

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Title: Open Coordination Architecture for a Networked World

Today's Internet provides robust communication services, allowing vast segments of the world's population to connect, communicate, and share information. Tomorrow's Internet will extend these services to provide rich support for cooperative activity. Communication-layer services in themselves (email, voice, media, social networks) are not specifically structured to facilitate the routine operations of activity coordination: follow-up, handoff, scheduling, and the like. These services are certainly available in special cases, but the challenge is to create an open architecture with the same level of universal access and participation, ease of use, and interoperability as, say, email or social networks, but with specific support for reliable and timely coordination of decisions and actions. BranchTime hopes to contribute to this vision of open coordination in two ways: (1) developing networked services and personal "prompter" software to streamline coordinated activity on the web, and (2) creating a community (BranchTime Circle) to explore implications of open coordination infrastructure and literacy in application domains where it holds special promise, e.g., healthcare coordination, social learning, agile workforce, open science, emergency response, and community engagement.

This talk will provide a general overview of open coordination, focusing on architectural issues, system design, and models of user behavior.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Stanley Rosenschein has been active in academic research and technology ventures in Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and collaboration technology. He is former Director of the AI Center at SRI International and has been affiliated with Stanford University Computer Science Department, Center for the Study of Language and Information, Media X, and Medical School. Prior to BranchTime, he was founder and CEO of two technology startups, one in robotics and machine vision, and the other in collaboration technology. Dr. Rosenschein holds a BA from Columbia University and a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.