TOCS Event-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

TOCS Event-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

TOCS Event


Walter de Brouwer
founder and CEO of Scanadu


September 11, 1:30 pm



CMUSV, Rm 118 [directions]

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Title: Auto-Diagnosis at Your Fingertips
Speaker Bio: Walter De Brouwer is the founder and CEO of Scanadu. Scanadu is a mobile health company that creates sensors, algorithms and data products that combine cell phone technology with consumer medicine and strives to make medicine an information science. The Scanadu board includes Nicholas Negroponte, the former Director of the MIT Media Lab, and Stephan Wolfram, the founder of Mathematica. Previously, De Brouwer was one of the founders of PING (which became Eunet and was acquired by Qwest Communiations to become KPN Qwest) and Jobscape, which was rolled up with other sites to become public at LSE under the Stepstone brand (STP.NO). De Brouwer founded Riverland Publications which was sold to VNU. De Brouwer was a sponsor of the MIT Media Lab, founder of the deep-future StarLab, and Director of the Tau Zero Foundation (formerly known as NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program). De Brouwer holds an MA in formal linguistics from the University of Ghent and a PhD in Semiotics from the university of Tilburg. He is the entrepreneur in residence of the Center of Entrepreneurial Learning of the University of Cambridge (UK).