TOCS Event-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

TOCS Event-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

TOCS Event


Allan Alcorn

Allan Alcorn


December 4, 1:30 pm



CMUSV, Rm 118 [directions]

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Title: The Development of Video Games and their Role as a Technology Driver

Al will discuss the early history of video games and how they evolved from simple devices to a technology driver. Video games served as early drivers for the microprocessor, ROMs and displays and helped launch the personal computer industry.

Speaker Bio: Allan Alcorn, was the chief engineer and employee number 3 at Atari, he was the creator of Pong and the home version of Pong and led the development of the Atari VCS. After Atari Alcorn was a Fellow at Apple Computer where he did early work that led to the MPEG standard and QuickTime. Al was also founder and VP Engineering at Silicon Gaming, a company that made slot machines for the Las Vegas market. He consulted at Interval Research where co-founded Zowie Intertainment. In 2004 he started Integrated Media Measurement Inc. A company that uses cell phones and acoustic matching technology to very accurately measure TV and radio exposure. Al has a BSEE-CS from UC.