Alumni Startup Leanplum Achieves $825K in Seed Funding-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Alumni Startup Leanplum Achieves $825K in Seed Funding-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Alumni Startup Leanplum Achieves $825K in Seed Funding

The Leanplum team
The Leanplum team

Leanplum, a mobile app and game optimization startup announced today that it has secured $825K in angel funding from high-profile backers such as TechStars, Kima Ventures, VoiVoda Ventures, and other individuals. The company, which counts a Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley (CMU-SV) campus graduate as a founder, will help mobile app developers optimize mission-critical metrics of mobile applications.

The Leanplum founders sought to remedy an acute pain point for mobile app companies centered on optimization decisions. Iterative testing can be time-consuming and expensive, often forcing product managers to make decisions that impact the revenue of a mobile app or game simply by guesswork. Rather than leaving these decisions up to chance, Leanplum allows the product manager to continuously conduct on-the-fly optimization tests on any aspect of the app and to interpret the performance of the tests with powerful analytics.

CEO Momchil Kyurkchiev is not only an ex-Google engineer, but also a 2011 CMU-SV graduate from the MS Software Engineering program in the Development Management track. He credits his time at CMU-SV for spurring on his entrepreneurial ambitions.

“It’s a dream come true for Leanplum to have secured this funding. My favorite class at CMU-SV was “Real World Software Engineering for Entrepreneurs,” which was set up as a startup. We went through the whole process from a good idea, to the actual working product to getting funded for that idea. It was really enlightening and gave me the tools I needed to start Leanplum.”

Leanplum was founded by in 2012 by ex-Google engineers with extensive experience in video ad optimization and recently graduated from TechStars Seattle in Fall 2012. The company is now based in San Francisco. With the Leanplum team growing, Kyurkchiev notes that Carnegie Mellon is crucial to its recruiting strategy.

“I just attended the Spring Employment Opportunities Conference (EOC), where I got 87 resumes and interviewed 12 students,” said Kyurkchiev. “I see Carnegie Mellon as a great place to draw talent as we move forward.”

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