Past Practicums in Software Engineering, Software Management, Information Technology-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Past Practicums in Software Engineering, Software Management, Information Technology-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Practicum Project Summaries

Numerous companies and organizations have taken advantage of our practicum program with positive results. Check out some of the past practicum projects in software engineering, software management, and information technology:

2014 Sponsors

IBM: Risk Analysis 

NASA: TrailScribe electronic field notebook

Origami Robotics: RomiboWeb

Ford Silicon Valley Labs: Open Source iOS Application for OpenXC Platform

2013 Sponsors

Google: Interactive Spaces

Propellor Labs: Open Source Guacamole, Audio Channel for VNC Connections

Stanford University Libraries: LOCKSS

City of Palo Alto Office of Emergency Services: Survivable Social Network

2012 Sponsors

NASA: Mapmixer

The Boeing Company: Agile Process to Evaluate Aerospace Specification

Ericsson: Blitzy

CMU-SV: Big Data - Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Social Network Datasets

2011 Sponsors

NASA: Orbital Refinement and Bundle Adjustment: Research Advances in Lunar Topography

NASA Intelligent Robotics Group: GeoCam Cover App

NASA GeoCam Project: GeoCam Talk and GeoCam Memo

Honda Research Institute: Human–Robot Dialogue on Robot Operating System

Stanford University Libraries: LOCKSS

RIM: LifeLogger

SETI: Informational Displays for User Participation

CMU-SV, Disaster Management Initiative: Disaster Management Over Disruption-Tolerant Networks

CMU-SV: Human Robot Interaction: Gesture Recognition

2010 Sponsors

Google: Personal Indoor Navigator

Panasonic: Neko

Codective: Crowd-sourcing Software Development

SecuriMobile: Approval Service

Previous Practicums (2002-09)

  • Accelere Systems: validate current business plan, assess business strategy, develop financial outlook
  • Lockheed Martin: Rainbow SORDA Service-oriented Architecture: persistent sensing in a heterogenous environment using pervasive computing
  • CommerceNet: write a general purpose microformats 'crawler' to used in a new search engine
  • Ericsson: create a mobile health application that gives users the ability to electronically receive a prescription from a doctor, locate nearby pharmacies, and contact family and friends according to where users are currently located and their willingness to be reached
  • Intel: CRM migration planning; create a prototype plan to support our proof of concept needs on SAP CRM
  • SAP Labs: develop a proof of concept model for secure messaging within Software-as-a-Service (Saas) using identity-based encryption (IBE)
  • Sun: compare and contrast various open source and commercial tools for use in rapid Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) user interface (UI) prototyping