IBM Risk Analyser System-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

IBM Risk Analyser System-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

IBM Risk Analyser System 

Financial risks of big enterprises are very important for the financial companies. They need an application or web service to understand the financial risks of big companies. All public companies need to submit 10K form, which contains a comprehensive summary of a company's financial performance, to US government. The 10K includes information such as history of companies, organizational structure, executive compensation, equity, subsidiaries, and audited financial statements, among other information.

Project Description

This project works as a financial risk advisor for users. This advisor uses Public Big Data to retrieve and analyze the "Risk Factors" for publicly traded US companies. Publicly available data sources (such as 10K) are retrieved to create profiles for the companies and to segment them based on their "risk factors" and "needs."

Based on the data captured by the crawler from 10K forms, the application provides interactive and user-friendly interfaces. Users can start crawl any companies or delete redundant results. Also users can search for any specific company. Two charts about the risks will be shown to users. Users can see the detailed risks and weights. Furthermore, users can compare two companies and a new chart about the differences in financial risks of two companies will be shown.

To help developers to better understand this application, the team provide a tutorial which contains the specific steps about installation, deployment, and data structure.

All these are deployed on BlueMix, a newly released cloudbased platform. The database the team uses is MongoDB.

Future Goals

In the future, the team will elaborate the UI on the comparison page. Besides that, the new page about the trend of the financial risk changes will be added. Furthermore, the application will be not limited to 10K forms. Other forms about the financial status of public companies will also be crawled and analyzed.