Neko-Panasonic-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Neko-Panasonic-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University


Practicum Team Neko has completed an Android project in partnership with Panasonic San Jose Laboratory (PSJL). The project produced two major Android components, UPnP AV and a multi-role authentication security component. The primary purpose of this project is to add components to the Android platform to make it more suitable for the consumer electronics space; specifically in terms of security and Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) capabilities.

The Android kernel is based off of the Linux operating system, which inherently, is a multi-user operating system. However, the Android platform is designed for mobile communication devices with single user access in mind. In consumer appliances, a device would need to not only support multi-user interactions but also provide multi-level security privileges to applications and device control features. The primary focus of the security component for the project, is to develop security components for the Android mobile platform that would suit the needs for multi-user consumer electronics devices. This component is an Android application. It utilizes Android system level security by incorporating Administrative policies and User privileges into the Android platform.

Universal Plug and Play Audio Visual (UPnP AV) is an open Internet standard, allowing sharing of media content across a home area network, including audio, video and images. The UPnP component of this project aims at embedding the UPnP AV stack on the Android platform and creating an application enabling the device to discover and consume available content on a home network. The resulting product is a reusable UPnP media discovering Android service and a simple user interface to view and render the discovered content.

The project is a success. Both PSJL and CMU-SV staff are pleased with the outcome of the project. The resulting product bridges an important gap between consumer electronics and the Android mobile platform.