Approval Service-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Approval Service-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Approval Service

Few business processes are fully automated. Most require human intervention that often takes the form of a decision making step. Should the budget be approved? Should the applicant be hired? Should the documents be released to the public? And so on. Usually these decisions are made in meetings, through email, or by logging into a corporate workflow system with a username and password. The Approval Service allows these decisions to be made on the go using a mobile device, at the same time providing the utmost security. Moreover, the Approval Service notifies users when action is required, thus increasing business process throughput.

The Approval Service is a client-server based web application built on the industry-proven J2EE platform. It provides a web service interface for 3rd party systems to integrate with. Via the web service, a 3rd party system can initiate approval requests as part of a business process and delegate to the Approval Service to acquire authorization from an authorized user over a mobile device. For each authorized user, called an “approver”, the Approval Service maintains an individual queue of pending approval requests. Approvers get notified on their mobile device when approval requests arrive in the queue. Through iApprove, the mobile client application to the Approval Service, approvers can reject or authorize pending requests by means of voice authentication via VoiceLock. Currently, Approval Service is offered as a service but plans are in the works to also offer an appliance for more traditional enterprise deployments.

The Approval Service product is a joint effort between SecuriMobile and Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley. The idea was conceptualized by SecuriMobile and productized by CMU students during a practicum course in CMU’s Software Engineering Masters Program.

As the software industry moves towards offering more real time solutions with better security, the Approval Service strives to do both. With its voiceprint technology and mobile platform support, the Approval Service mitigates a common bottleneck in business processes – the decision making step. Users can now complete this step with the ease of speaking into their phone, with no need for anyone to be on the other end of the line. Furthermore, the user is no longer constrained to the confines of their email system or corporate intranet - they can participate anywhere they receive mobile coverage.