Silicon Valley Connections-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Silicon Valley Connections-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Ford Integrates CMU-SV Research with Next-Gen Cars

Ford Motor Company made headlines in the automotive and technology sectors last week, announcing its new, expanded research lab in Palo Alto, Calif. where the car company will ... Read More ยป

Silicon Valley Industry Connections

Silicon Valley — home to "the next big thing," the epicenter of new technology, the ground floor for forward-thinking entrepreneurship. This reputation has attracted the best and the brightest to the San Francisco Bay Area for decades. At Carnegie Mellon's Silicon Valley campus, we connect the university's legacy of technological research and advancement with the Bay Area's dynamic 21st century innovators. 

Companies small and large can benefit tremendously from partnering with CMU's faculty, scientists, and students. Our shared resources create synergies that leverage academic exploration and industry experience to produce real results — giving your company an edge in today's market and tomorrow's new frontiers.  

Sponsored Student Team and Course Projects

Working with CMU graduate students offers a low-risk opportunity to try out a new idea or an approach to an intriguing problem.


In semester-long practicum courses, student teams apply what they have learned to a real-world business problem. Working with the client, the team negotiates plans and deliverables, and then develops their final product while adhering to high standards for accountability, teamwork and best practices. More about practicums and becoming a sponsor

Multidisciplinary projects

Some of our campus research projects and courses, including Next Generation Wireless Networks, Machine Learning, Network Security and Android App Development, are open for sponsored course projects. Companies are welcome to suggest and sponsor proposed projects. More about sponsoring projects with multidisciplinary teams

Events and Seminars

Our campus hosts many interesting events, seminars and conferences. We welcome organizations and individuals who would like to build a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University at our campus, or just come for a visit. Campus Events | CMU-SV SeminarsDistinguished Lecture Series


Carnegie Mellon graduates are highly sought-after recruits, and we work regularly with employers to build and sustain mutually beneficial and rewarding professional relationships between our students and alumni and the organizations looking for talented team members. More about recruitment at CMU-SV

Research Projects

CMU-SV is home to several research centers, encompassing a range of interests, from mobile computing to open source software. Your company may be interested in working with our faculty on collaborative research projects, or in sponsoring fellowships for various Ph.D. students in specific areas of research. More about current research on our campus