Disaster Management Initiative's 3rd Annual Workshop-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Disaster Management Initiative's 3rd Annual Workshop-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Making Smart Communities Resilient

3rd Annual DMI Workshop - Participation by Invitation

Nov 4-5, 2012

The workshop is now over. We are posting slides, photos and notes on the program page.

Disaster recovery affects all of us. Whether in the home or workplace, when a disaster hits, businesses and people need to be ready to react. In Silicon Valley, we have the technology and resources to better prepare for the next Big One. But we need to work together to develop a plan for a smarter, more resilient community.

For the past three years, Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley has been leading an initiative to develop the next generation technology and solutions for disaster management. Each year we run an intensive workshop for corporate partners to engage with key public safety and emergency response leaders. Last year’s workshop produced:

  • A data interoperability baseline that is currently being used to build an Interoperability Maturity Model (IMM) for mobile command center interoperability, inspired by the 2011 Plugfest.
  • The re-purposing of DMI’s Next Generation Emergency Operation Center (EOC) to perform as a back-up EOC for Palo Alto and Mountain View
  • A CMUSV course focused on Requirements gathering for firefighters to develop smart gloves for use in fires
  • The launch of an Advanced Incident Communications Lab (AICL) to facilitate the coordinated use of Wi-Fi for data interoperability and community access
  • Demonstration of an early semantic geotagging prototype, allowing two-way map-based communication between smartphone users and a common operating picture in a command center.

This year’s invitational workshop will focus on community resilience, showcasing technologies that have the potential to improve community resilience  in preparation, response and recovery from emergencies of all kinds. Community resilience in the face of an emergency situation, increasingly, depends on survivable access to the Internet.  Access to health and banking records stored in the cloud will be essential in an emergency.  These issues and more will be addressed during the workshop. We would be honored to have you as a sponsor for this event.

2012 Workshop Highlights

  • Keynote: Prepare Silicon Valley, Empowering People to Become Resilient, Barbara Larkin (CEO) and Patti Fry (Chair, Prepare Silicon Valley), American Red Cross (Silicon Valley Chapter).
  • Emergency Vehicle Plugfest, in which a number of mobile command and communication vehicles will participate in a series of interoperability exercises based upon the IMM under early development by CMUSV's DMI.
  • Survivable Social Networks as a community-communication tool within the new Silicon Valley Resilient Network project.
  • Green mobile EOCs, solar powered trailers with low power lighting, displays, radios and sensors as a key part of survivable smart spaces and the Advanced Incident Communications Lab.
  • A new version of the Semantic Geotagging project, supporting efficient smartphone communication with a map-based common operatiing picture in the command center.
  • Information Security, addressing secure and selective sharing of data among the ad hoc networked responders and citizens in the community.
  • The Common Operating Picture Platform as a Reference Implementation of a map-based template for integrating the many open source software components now available from the Federal and State support agencies.
  • A Community/Agency Interoperability Event  combinines several of the above technologies and systems into a multi-user, multi-organization response system.

Sponsors:  American Red Cross (Silicon Valley Chapter),  Anritsu, Applied Materials, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, Golden Gate Safety Network (GGSN), Motorola Solutions, NASA Ames DART, Yandex, Wireless Communications Alliance

For more information on the draft program, please see Program Details