SCEWN-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

SCEWN-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Santa Clara Emergency Wireless Network (SCEWN)

SCEWN is a DMI affiliated non-profit cooperative dedicated to providing back up network connectivity to key public service end points in the event of a disaster. In the event of a crisis that effects entire geographic areas, incumbent communication systems are vulnerable to failure. Our larger goal is developing mind share in disaster management circles for thinking in terms of lateral communication between municipalities, cooperations and NGOs, of using modern IP modes for more efficient interoperability, and of appreciating the value of resilience in network connectivity. Putting SCEWN into key peoples' hands is just one piece of delivering this message. Having them use and understand the tool is the rest.

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Current efforts use low-cost WISP technology, and 802.11 WiFi protocols, antennas and repeaters placed at strategic line-of-sight locations around Silicon Valley. There is a unit at the NASA Ames EOC communications building, and one on CMU Silicon Valley's building 23A, connecting DMI research and EOC trailer laboratories. Some installations will be solar powered.

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