Next Generation EOC-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Next Generation EOC-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Project: Next Generation Emergency Operation Center

Summary: Development of a functional mobile Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to function as a hardware and software experimental testbed.

Next Gen EOC Antenna Mount

Using two 18 foot trailers provided by the NASA Ames Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team  (DART), we are prototyping a flexible environment for exploring a variety of Emergency Operation Center and Business Continuity system designs. As these system decentralize and become virtual, they might be better called Continuity and Contingency Management (CCM) systems.

The trailers are being equipped with low energy, solar powered  IT and communications technology, and connected via WiFi and other radio technology to other disaster management research systems at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley. 

For more on the philosopy and implementation, see our ISCRAM 2011 paper, Towards the Next-Generation of Emergency Operations Systems (.pdf).

For more details on the trailers, their equipment and usage, please see the documentation Wiki (running on a server in the trailers).

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