Hosting Site Visits-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Hosting Site Visits-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Host a TartanTrek

What ranks at the top of students’ list of favorite employer activities? It's when companies open their doors to Carnegie Mellon University students. Company site visits (aka TartanTreks) provide a unique chance for students to learn about your company, job or internship opportunities, and what you look for in candidates by actually visiting your workplace. Students must apply to attend each TartanTrek and Career Services selects students based on their alignment with the company's needs as well as their responses to various prompts. We will bring anywhere from 15-50 students based on the your preference and will spend between 2-5 hours visiting your company.

What does it take to host a TartanTrek?

  1. You will work with a Career Services representative to plan the events and establish expectations.
  2. CMU handles all communication with students about the event, reviews applications, and coordinates transportation to and from your location. We will provide a roster of students one week before the scheduled visit.
  3. The company plans and coordinates what happens when students arrive. Here are some ideas of what you might want to plan:
        • Check-in process and name tags
        • Company and/or lab tour
        • Opportunities to engage with professionals either through a panel or speaker series
        • Networking/recruiting session
        • Presentation on how to apply and what you look for in candidates, which typically comes from someone on the university relations/recruiting team
        • Case study or interactive game that mimics what it’s like to work on a project at your company
        • Breakfast, lunch, or snack options

There are many cool things you can plan that will make this a fun and memorable event for students. We recommend getting participants to move around and participate in interactive activities rather than sitting in one spot for long stretches of time.

Interested in hosting a TartanTrek at your company? Please email Lauren Schachar at