Academic Policies-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Academic Policies-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Academic Policies

CMUSV Policies and Procedures

This page defines and serves as a pointer to relevant Carnegie Mellon University, College of Engineering and Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley academic and administrative policies pertinent to Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley. It serves as a guide, but is NOT the final word. In the case of ambiguity or special circumstances, the Director of Educational Programs will determine the applicable policy in conjunction with the Director of Educational Programs. Additional clarifications, new policies, additions and corrections can be placed here at any time with approval of the Director of Educational Programs.

Carnegie Mellon University Policy as Default

  • When no specific Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley policy is articulated, official CMU policy will apply.
  • In some cases, CMU Silicon Valley policy is more lenient than CMU policy to accommodate working professionals.
  • For more details, see the University Policies homepage and the general Graduate Policies. However, many of those policies and guidelines do not directly apply unmodified to our campus. Note also that individual CMU schools and departments, such as the College of Engineering, create additional policies and guidelines, several of which are relevant to the Silicon Valley campus.

CIT Graduate Student Policies

CIT Academic Integrity Policies

CMSV Graduation Requirements

CMSV Attendance

CMSV Grading

CMSV Leave of Absence and Withdrawal

Course Drop / Finalized Course Schedule

Change of Location and Time Zone

Academic Probation and Suspension


Teamwork vs. Individual Assessment


"Fair Use" Guidelines

Student Audit Policy

Alumni Audit Policy


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