Student Involvement and Campus Life-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Student Involvement and Campus Life-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Student Involvement and Campus Life

As a student at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, there are a number of ways to get involved! 


Check out the following:

Get Connected

Know what's happening at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley!  For all Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley community members, a weekly Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Student Newsletter is published and distributed via email (and archived on Twiki). Get the latest updates on important events, dates and reminders, plus learn more about community events and gatherings.

Student Organzations

Numerous student organizations exist at CMUSV. Learn how you can join and become involved.

Social and Community Events

For those that are local to Silicon Valley, be sure to take advantage of events organized and/or sponsored by Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, including:

  • International potlucks and on-campus celebrations
  • Off-campus tours and trips to local companies
  • Special guest speakers and Distinguished Lectures
  • Alumni networking events
  • Hackathons
  • Tour of Silicon Valley
  • And more!

Suggestions for excursions and events are welcome and encouraged!  Share your thoughts and ideas with fellow students or with to explore options on what can happen!

Ambassador program 

Are you an enthusiastic Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley student? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of potential applicants? Do you wish you had had someone to walk you through the process of applying and attending Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley? Do you like to meet new people and give friendly advice? If so, we want you to become a Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Ambassador!

We are excited to introduce the Student Ambassador Program to you - a recruiting program that we are launching to help recruit potential applicants and candidates to the graduate programs at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley. The Ambassador Program is a volunteer-based program. Any student is welcome to join. We are looking for students in all three program tracks, local or remote, who enjoy talking to others about their experience as a Carnegie Mellon student.  For more information to to sign up, contact

Social Networks

Be connected to Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley by joining a number of social network design to connect alumni and prospective, new, and current students.

Professional and Networking Associations

Outside the classroom, the Silicon Valley offers numerous opportunities for students and professionals to network and socialize.  Just check the local calendar,, for a sample of the professional and social eents available to community members.  In addition, Silicon Valley professionals benefit from the many associations and organizations dedicated to specific interests and groups, including just a few listed below:

  • Chinese Information and Networking Association
  • Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association
  • Chinese Software Professional Association
  • Sivan Group
  • India Community Center
  • Society of Women Engineers
  • Korean Information Technology Network
  • The Indus Entrepreneur
  • North America Taiwanese Engineers Association
  • Vietnam Silicon Valley Network