Encourage Others to Connect with and Experience Carnegie Mellon -Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Encourage Others to Connect with and Experience Carnegie Mellon -Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Encourage Others to Connect with and Experience Carnegie Mellon

Nilesh Kumar Jain (SM ’09) and his wife, Priti, live with their daughters, Prini (age 5) and Niya (age 3) in Cupertino, California. Since graduating, Nilesh is excited to spend time with his family. “My children often told me ‘Daddy, you have too many meetings,’ but I don’t think they understood those meetings were for school until they saw me graduate,” Jain chuckles.

He is now encouraging his wife, who works for Intuit; a financial services company, that offers software like Turbo Tax, Quicken; to consider the programs at Carnegie Mellon. “I feel like I gained so much from my experience, that I would love for my wife to enjoy the same opportunity,” says Jain.

Nilesh received his MBA in Operations and Finance from Pittsburgh and bachelors in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai, India. Although he had the experience with business concepts, he realized early on that the software industry ran a bit differently. He heard about the Software Management degree at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley and was excited to gain the new perspective and skills the program offered.

Recently, Nilesh started an exciting position with Juniper Networks reporting to the CIO, managing strategic initiatives and roadmap alignment. “I am very pleased to be taking on this role because I think that the challenge of brining together the business plan to align with the IT structure will allow Juniper Networks to excel in its goal of scaling” says Jain.

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Jain is also one of the founders of BOMForce, and now a board member. BOMForce leverages cloud computing technology to address the ever growing need for shorter product life cycle across multitude development partners it takes to bring innovative products to market, faster.

According to Jain, “The changing environment of IT is causing a shift in industry. The state of the economy is causing businesses to adjust how they are utilizing their limited resources and, therefore, exploring a clearer alignment of their mission and how IT factors into their needs. One of the challenges is getting IT to speak the language of business executives, this is where true leadership transformation happens.”

Nilesh attributes his increased confidence in technology, outsource development and knowledge of the product life cycle to his experience at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley. “The faculty has very close connections to the software industry and that helped us to test our skills on real-world issues. I encourage other alumni to look for opportunities in their companies to provide internships to Carnegie Mellon students. Not only does it provide the ideal environment for students to learn the practices and processes in the software industry, it also provides the companies with extremely well-trained, potential employees.”

Having an institution with a world-class reputation in computer science located in the heart of the software industry provides for infinite opportunities. “The benefits of our companies partnering with Carnegie Mellon are immeasurable. The Silicon Valley community is robust and ever changing. I am looking forward to continuing to contribute to both the industry and the campus. I challenge other alumni to take up the call and become mentors and active community members of Carnegie Mellon. The satisfaction in giving back will be measured through the phenomenal people you will meet.”