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Software Engineering Graduate Programs

This information applies to current students who began the MS SE program in Fall 2013 or earlier.

MS in Software Engineering

The Master of Science in Software Engineering (MS SE) program at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley is designed for technical professionals interested in working as software engineers, developers, technical project leads, and software development managers. The program emphasizes key skills in requirements analysis, architectural design, and construction that are necessary for successful software product development.

For full-time students, the program is completed in one year. For part-time students, the program is completed in two years.

The program delivers a team-based, project-oriented curriculum focused on agile applications reflective of the dynamic Silicon Valley software industry. Through authentic project work reflective of real-world work scenarios, students master modern software engineering methods and technologies across the development lifecycle, learn to align software engineering decisions with the company’s business goals, and develop the communication, teamwork, and negotiation skills critical to successful technical leadership.

The program features a Technical track focusing on technical leadership skills, a Development Management track focusing on project management leadership skills, and a Connected Embedded Systems concentration focusing on the fusion of hardware and software skills for dealing with cloud-based sensor networks. Within any of the tracks, you will learn how to align software engineering decisions with your company's business goals and to develop the communication, teamwork, and negotiation skills needed to be an effective technical leader.

Tracks & Concentrations for Software Engineering Master's Degree

SE Tech
You love writing software. You balance artistry and engineering. You get a rush when your test cases pass on the first try. Management? You'd prefer to stay with what you love. As for the future, you're preparing to be the chief architect or the tech brains behind a start-up.
You love working with technology and people. Developing software is more than just compiling bits and squashing bugs, it's like conducting an organizational symphony where everyone plays their part. Career 2.0? You've had a taste of management and are thirsty for more.
SE Connected Embedded
You love working with both hardware and software, bridging analog and digital worlds. You eat bits for breakfast. You'll build systems that capture and interpret data, making a difference for the world. (Currently a concentration)

Unique Features of Master's Program

Distinctive Teaching Methodology. Carnegie Mellon faculty members use a wide variety of teaching methods to maximize students’ learning experiences, including discussion sessions, small group coaching, problem-driven seminars, individual and “just-in-time” instruction in the form of online materials, learning guides, and short tutorials.

Project-Based Curriculum. The program features a heavy reliance on learn-by-doing projects, case analyses, and industrial practicums so that coursework is immediately applicable to responsibilities at work.

Team Orientation. Teamwork is fundamental to the program because all real software projects are a collaborative effort, and sharing work enables students and their teams to produce more authentic work products.

Software Engineering Curriculum

Master of Science in Software Engineering Curriculum

Features of the Full-time program

Research Concentration
Allows students with a passion for research the opportunity to do in-depth research projects with the faculty. By substituting track courses with directed research courses in the Spring and Summer semesters, a student can spend two semesters furthering their research career. Admitted full-time software engineering students should apply during their first semester, seek sponsorship from a faculty research advisor, and provide an abstract of their proposed research.

Features of the Part-time program

Flexible Delivery. To support our students’ remote requirements, we provide a number of asynchronous and synchronous collaborative tools to support participation in meetings, conference calls, and class sessions.

Streamlined Student Services for Working Professionals. Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley recognizes the pressures that part-time students experience in balancing the competing demands on their time. We are dedicated to streamlining the administrative process by providing students with the highest level of student services.

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The MS Software Engineering degree at CMU-SV is now offered through CMU's Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. This program information applies through the 2013-14 academic year for full-time SE students and the 2014-15 academic year for part-time SE students.

Current MS SE Degree Information

"The program's greatest strength and uniqueness is its emphasis on teamwork. Almost every class places you in a team and asks you not only to work with a team but also to critically consider how the team is working"

- William Dayton, MS SE '10