96-813-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

96-813-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

96-813  Modern Emergency Communications Technology and Methods

In this survey course students will gain an orientation to the challenges of emergency and disaster management in various contexts ranging from modern urban to traditional rural communities, and will achieve a working knowledge of communications tasks and tools applicable to both natural and man-made disasters.  Students will research and report on disaster management systems and practices in their home countries and then collaborate to identify commonalities and contrasts in approach.  Students will be exposed to current emergency management doctrines and methods in the United States.  Students will become acquainted with common communications patterns such as dispatching, logistics and social networks. Traditional and modern communications methods will be reviewed in light of their potential value in disaster preparedness, response, recovery and long-term hazard mitigation with an emphasis on the local community level.  The last two weeks of the course will involve an examination by each student of the applicability of one of the learned techniques in the student's home country, and a final poster presentation at a technology showcase.

Motivated students will also have the opportunity to obtain a US amateur radio license though an intensive 1-day workshop.  (U.S. amateur radio licenses are honored in many other countries on a reciprocal basis, and this course will also provide valuable preparation for students in obtaining licenses in their home countries.)

Credit units: 12

Prerequisites: none

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