96-800-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

96-800-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

96-800 Real World Software Engineering for Entrepreneurs

Developing Your Software Company

In this twelve week experience, your goal is simple: launch a software product, and start a company. You'll need to hit the ground running as you'll want feedback from users quickly. You'll need to build a team and find people who have skill sets that complements yours. The course will end with pitch day where well known Venture Capitalists will evaluate your final product. As Randy Pausch said, walls are there to remind us how important we want something. Come to California, the heart of software development and venture funding and overcome all challenges!

Students will deliver a "real world" application. Success is judged and measured by customers. You will be learning key technical and managerial skills necessary in developing a block buster application or starting a company. Working and collaborating with other teams is encouraged. Students are encouraged to release their product early so that they can gather feedback from the community.

Any student is welcome to apply to the course (regardless of degree or focus). Students not from the Silicon Valley campus, must be present at the Silicon Valley campus during the summer semester to participate. Enrollment in the course is limited because we have a limited number of project mentors for this course. Student teams are encouraged, but are not required. Consider forming teams around the skill sets needed to complete your project. At least one participant needs to have proven technical skills necessary to build the app. Students will submit a one page project proposal and each team member's resume. Students should be automatically wait listed, enrollment is permitted once your proposal is accepted.

For more details see http://96800.sv.cmu.edu

Credit units: 24

Prerequisites: none.

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