18-513-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

18-513-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

18-513 Circuits and Antennas for Wireless Systems

The demand for wireless products is growing at an impressive rate. This interdisciplinary course will team students from electromagnetics with students from analog circuit design to explore the concepts of basic antenna design and measurement as well as RF transceivers. The students will have the opportunity to design and build transmitter or receiver sub-systems, based on their application of interest. Designs may be done with discrete components for AM, FM and VHF (TV) receptions or with integrated components for UHF applications, such TV, Wi-Fi, etc. Integrated with these efforts will be the design of several types of widely used antennas. Students will design, construct, and test an antenna to meet stated specifications using a combination of theory, electromagnetic simulators and lab experiments. The focus of this course will be the construction of an antenna/transceiver system. In addition to the project, several lectures will be given to introduce students to the specific applications and to consolidate previous course materials as they apply to the project.

Credit Units: 12

Prerequisites: 18-300 and 18-320 or 18-402

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