Carnegie Mellon University

SHS SAC & Student Government


Students are encouraged to get involved in the SHS Student Advisory Council (SAC). The council is a group of students who work with the SHS Program Director to plan events for the program. In the past the SAC has sponsored a Mentor Program and the SHS Choice of Majors Fair. They also help choose guest lecturers and plan social events where SHS students can interact and meet faculty. If you would like to get involved with the SHS SAC, please contact William Alba.

Student Government

The Carnegie Mellon Student Government consists of an Executive Branch and a Legislative Branch. This is the core of traditional student government, as governed by the Student Body Constitution. The Activities Board (AB) is an external committee of the Student Senate, that acts more or less independently to provide events, concerts, films, lectures, technical assistance, and other activities for the campus. The Student Dormitory Council (SDC) is composed of student representatives from campus housing and is engaged in improving the quality of student life for residents. - from CMU Student Government Website

If you would like to get involved or have an idea, please contact SHS's Student Senate Representatives.