Carnegie Mellon University

CMU Pittsburgh Promise Partner Scholarship

Carnegie Mellon is excited to participate in the Pittsburgh Promise Preferred College Partners Program. This program is intended to fortify relationships between The Pittsburgh Promise and Carnegie Mellon University to provide additional financial aid and support services to Promise Scholars.

Carnegie Mellon will provide full-time Promise-eligible students, from the high school graduating classes of 2018 or later, who live in on-campus residence halls, with housing awards of $1,000 per academic semester ($2,000 per academic year) for up to 4 successive academic years (for a maximum housing award of $8,000 per student), subject to and as limited by the following:  

  • The award will be provided as first-in funding to the student, before any other institutional grant.  
  • If the student has no financial need, the student will still be eligible for the award.
  • If a student receives federal grants or loans, the student’s award, in combination with any other grants and scholarships, cannot exceed the student's financial need.
  • The student’s award, in combination with all aid received by the student, cannot exceed the student's cost of attendance at the institution.
  • A student receiving tuition remission is not eligible for the award, consistent with the institution’s institutional aid policy. 
  • The amount of a student’s award for a student residing in the institution’s Greek Housing is further limited to the lesser of the student’s pro rata share of the student’s Greek Organization’s rent, or the amount of the rent assigned by the Greek Organization to the student for the relevant semester, for the relevant semester for the Greek Housing facility in which the student resides.