Carnegie Mellon University

Financial Aid Disbursement

Student Account Credit

Most scholarship and grant aid is credited to a student’s account after it has been determined by the Student Financial Aid Office. Federal Direct Loansoutside scholarships and sponsor payments are only credited to the student account when payment is received and processed by the university. The Federal Direct Perkins Loan and other institutional loans are credited to the student account in tandem with scholarships and grants. Promissory notes will need to be signed for any loans as required, or they will be cancelled and not disbursed. This could result in a balance due to the university, of which the student is responsible for paying. 

Financial Aid & Balance Due

Financial aid adjustments or disbursements may change a student's balance due. Adjustments may be made if there are changes in a student's circumstances (i.e., receipt of outside scholarships, decreased income, change in the number of undergraduates enrolled in college). View loan disbursement dates

Loan Amounts

When viewing an invoice or student account activity, keep in mind that the amount of Federal Direct or PLUS loans credited to the account will be less than the total amount borrowed due to origination fees charged by the lender. View origination fees