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Sustaining Equity in Education Network

Carnegie Mellon University education leaders are coming together to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and its disproportionate impact on underserved learners and communities. The Sustaining Equity in Education Network (SEEN) is focused on first helping high-need K-12 schools make a successful transition to remote learning through emergency relief and then continuing partnerships with those schools and communities to invest in equitable new educational systems post-COVID-19. 

The Problem  

Communities are confronted with complex challenges as K-12 schools quickly transition to remote learning frameworks. Many families rely on schools for foundational needs like food, devices, and internet access to guarantee that all students have access to learning. Schools’ continuing ability to access technology and build capacity during the crisis will likely have major, lasting implications beyond the acute phase of COVID-19. At this moment, long-term investment and meaningful partnerships with communities are critical. Without collective action, these challenges will continue and widen the equity gap.

Our Goals

SEEN is taking immediate action to:

  • Build durable infrastructure that will provide learners and educators with the resources necessary to provide equitable distance learning opportunities to all through and beyond the crisis, with an emphasis on foundational technologies and tools to support distance learning
  • Collaborate with other organizations who are committed to maximizing the impact and efficiency of resource (re)allocation
  • Support our local and regional educational ecosystem in continuing to leverage these resources for equitable learning opportunities through the crisis and its aftermath
  • Use CMU’s convening capacity to provide continued community for educators as they negotiate teaching and learning in these new conditions. This will also facilitate deep collaboration between CMU researchers and technologists and the educators their products are designed to serve while creating invaluable opportunities for CMU to listen and learn from the local educational community

Current Projects

Community Wireless Project

We’re partnering with Meta Mesh Wireless Communities to deploy their mesh network technologies in neighborhoods and school districts where many students aren’t able to get online to continue their school work. This work is a community effort and you can help! 

Anthony Daniels, Actor and Visiting CMU Professional, asks for your help to keep our project going. 

You can help: 

  • Host a device: If you live in one of our target neighborhoods you can volunteer to host a device. We are currently working in Cornell School District, Homewood, and New Kensington-Arnold School District with more to come. Contact us
  • Volunteer with Meta Mesh’s team 
  • Give 


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