Carnegie Mellon University

Risk and Regulatory Services Innovation Center

Sponsored by PwC at Heinz College

Transforming the Risk and Regulatory Services Innovation Center into an IoT Testbed

Principal Investigator: Bruno Sinopoli, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Co-Director of CMU’s Smart Infrastructure Institute

PwC Sponsors: Grant Waterfall, Partner, Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Assurance Leader; Amandeep Lamba, Principal, Cybersecurity and Privacy

For this project, we will develop a modular IoT testbed to further privacy and security research as well as design and test new IoT services. We will be experimenting with device management and integration support, two of the main features of IoT platforms. This project will explore and test connecting the physical with the digital world, strategies for tracking connected devices and how to configure or reconfigure those devices. In addition, we’ll analyze both device and system vulnerabilities, and test architectural solutions that enforce security and privacy properties.