Carnegie Mellon University

Risk and Regulatory Services Innovation Center

Sponsored by PwC at Heinz College

Resilience Analysis and Design of IoT-based Smart Infrastructures

Principal Investigators:

  • Bruno Sinopoli, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Co-Director of CMU’s Smart Infrastructure Institute
  • Anthony Rowe, Associate Professor, CMU Electrical and Computer Department
  • Yuvraj Agarwal, Assistant Professor, CMU School of Computer Science

PwC Sponsor: Grant Waterfall, Partner, Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Assurance Leader  

In addition to supporting personalized services for humans, the technology underpinning the Internet of Things (IoT) will also support the operations of cities, power grids, transportation, industry, and other critical physical infrastructure. Embedding widespread sensing, networking, and remote control capabilities into the physical world will increase efficiency and robustness, but also offers the potential for intrusion by malicious agents, disrupting functionality and availability, producing safety concerns, and impacting the confidentiality and integrity of data processed by these systems. With a specific industry focus, this project aims to develop a set of tools and methodologies to analyze IoT safety and security vulnerabilities and outline risk mitigation strategies, with a long term view of  designing provable secure-by-construction, privacy-preserving IoT-based systems, and reviewing how the end users of IoT-based systems can establish security, privacy, and resilience from current or future systems that do not inherently incorporate security and privacy within their design. The development of best practices along with advances in technology will provide benefits society-wide, from IoT technology vendors and infrastructure owners to individual citizens.