Carnegie Mellon University

Risk and Regulatory Services Innovation Center

Sponsored by PwC at Heinz College

Community Trust and Sentiment Analysis

Principal Investigator: Jamie Callan, Professor, CMU Language Technologies Institute

PwC Sponsors: Neelam Sharma, Director, Project Leader, Risk and Regulatory Services Innovation Center; Advanced Risk and Compliance Analytics; Cameron McClay, Senior Advisory on Safe and Smart Cities Initiative

In most cases there is little objective information about community reaction to specific events involving the police. Information is available from the media and community leaders, but this information can be incomplete, anecdotal and presented from a particular perspective. This project investigates the use of social media as an alternate channel for obtaining information about the response of the community to events and issues. Trend analysis is used to distinguish between perennial and emerging issues, and sentiment analysis is used to identify the level of community support for the police with respect to different issues. The goal of the project is to provide information that will help the police to identify issues of public mistrust or perception that it may seek to address.