Carnegie Mellon University

Coronavirus Related Guidance for Sponsored Projects

Last updated: MAY 28, 2020
Originally posted: March 6, 2020

External Guidance

Council on Government Relations:

Internal Guidance

Grant Management and Proposal Submissions

  • If your ability to meet sponsor deadlines or deliverables is, or may be, impacted by COVID-19, researchers should determine whether a no-cost extension should be requested, or contact OSP.
  • Researchers should contact OSP and Export Control prior to charging any remote work done outside of the U.S. to a federal award. Researchers should direct any questions regarding specific situations to SPA and/or OSP.
  • In the event an individual working on an existing sponsored award requests to work remotely from a foreign country, please contact OSP

Human Subjects Considerations

Human subjects researchers continuing to do studies remotely are advised to review the following guidance documents:

Collaborating Visitors

  • Collaborating visitors may only be on-site if they are included as part of an approved research return plan and have gone through the collaborating visitor process. This process will require a signed document (to be provided by the Office of General Counsel (OGC) acknowledging their obligations and circumstances surrounding their presence and participation in on-site research during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visitors who were approved prior to availability of this document from OGC will be required to sign this document as part of the lab plan review and approval process. 
  • Collaborating visitors participating in on-site work may be required to self-isolate for a period of time prior to coming on-site, depending on the timing and details of their travel.
  • New visitor requests will be accepted and previously approved visits to Pittsburgh may move forward as planned. However, these collaborations may have to happen “remotely” as no work on-premises may be performed without being part of an approved plan.

Other Guidance