Carnegie Mellon University

April 1, 2019


This past week we received the attached document signed by the Undersecretary of Defense / Research and Engineering and titled “Actions for the Protection of Intellectual Property, Controlled Information, Key Personnel and Critical Technologies.” This letter establishes a number of new reporting requirements on all new DoD Notices of Funding Opportunities (NFOs) pertaining to research and research-related educational activities. 

Beginning April 19, 2019, all new DoD Notices of Funding Opportunities (NFOs) for grants, cooperative agreements, Technology Investment Agreements, and other non-procurement transactions shall require proposers to submit the following information for all key personnel, whether or not the individuals' efforts under the project are to be funded by the DoD:

  • A list of all current projects the individual is working on, in addition to any future support the individual has applied to receive, regardless of the source.
  • Title and objectives of the other research projects.
  • The percentage per year to be devoted to the other projects.
  • The total amount of support the individual is receiving in connection to each of the other research projects or will receive if other proposals are awarded.
  • Name and address of the agencies and/or other parties supporting the other research projects.
  • Period of performance for the other research projects.

This information should be included in the Senior Key Person Profile form included in the NFO. This requirement applies to persons identified as key personnel and does not count against page limits. Failure to submit this information may cause theproposal to be returned without further review and the DoD reserves the right to request further details from the proposer.

This requirement is similar to the Current and Pending Support information requested by other federal agencies.

For all other types of grants, the capture of the above information is optional and in particular, this directive does not apply to procurement contracts. 

I encourage you to read the attached letter and to pass this information on to all potential grant application submitters. The OVPR team is ready to assist as this new requirement comes into force.



Michael McQuade, PhD.
Vice President for Research