Carnegie Mellon University

PHS Funded Research: Sub-contractors and consultants must comply with Public Health Services regulations regarding conflict of interest, but that does not necessarily mean disclosing to CMU.  If a sub-contractor has certified via the FDP Clearinghouse website that their institution complies with PHS regulations, then they are not required to disclose to CMU.  Consultants or sub-contractors who have not made this public certification of compliance, must disclose to CMU using the External Collaborator form available for download from the ORIC website.   This disclosure must be made before the proposal is submitted. 

Training on conflict of interest issues is also required for collaborators from another university, if they are not certified via the FDP Clearinghouse, but we will not ask your collaborators to complete training until an award is made.

All Other Research: Sub-contractors, consultants, and other collaborators do not routinely have to disclose to CMU for research that is not funded by a PHS agency.  If they are involved in a conflict of interest (for example, a subcontractor who is also a CMU faculty member, or a consultant who is the CMU PI’s family member) then they may be asked by ORIC to disclose.