Carnegie Mellon University

If it is determined that a financial conflict exists or appears to exist which involves funds flowing from CMU to another organization that creates a conflict, a management plan will always be established.  The conflicted investigator is involved in the development of the plan.

Other potential conflicts will be reviewed on a case by case basis and a waiver of formal management may be granted in some circumstances.

Examples of mechanisms that are used to manage conflicts include:

  • Public disclosure of SFIs;
  • Monitoring of research by independent reviewers;
  • Modification of the research plan; or
  • Change of personnel.

Every situation is unique.  Every management plan is tailored to the specifics of the research activity and conflict.

In some instances the funding agency will be notified that a management plan is in place.  Conflicted Investigators are required to notify other members of the research team that they have a financial conflict of interest.   Department administrators will have access via SPARCS COI to the information that a management plan is in place, but will not have access to the details of the plan via SPARCS unless the individual plan calls for them to be given detailed information. If the plan involves financial oversight of a subcontract or consultant, the Sponsored Projects Accounting team may have access to the plan so that they can confirm the correct personnel have approved spending on that subcontract.
Yes.  Each plan approved within SPARCS COI has an assigned COI Monitor, who will provide a monitoring update to ORIC at the frequency written into the individual plan.