Carnegie Mellon University

Conflicts of interest in research occur when university members are in a position to influence research and their extramural activities are such that they or their family may receive a financial benefit or improper advantage from the research.

If you have a potential conflict of interest related to a research project and have not already been assigned to complete a Research Certification by ORIC, contact ORIC at to discuss the potential conflict. ORIC will then assign you a Certification to complete.

If it is determined that you have (or may have) a conflict of interest, you will be contacted by someone from ORIC.  In conducting its review, ORIC may call upon subject-matter experts as needed with respect to any particular project, such as division management and others with relevant expertise. If it appears that a FCOI may exist, further review is required. This review may be conducted by ORIC staff, the relevant department head, dean, OVPR, and/or their designees.

Where a conflict is found to exist, ORIC in consultation with the Investigator will determine the means to appropriately address the conflict, which may include a written conflict management plan.

If you are planning to conduct research in the future that may eventually result in a conflict, but do not yet have a specific proposal to discuss, you can still contact ORIC and request a general consultation related to conflicts of interest.