Carnegie Mellon University
EQT Energy Seed Grants

ProSEED/EQT Energy Seed Grants


EQT Energy Seed Funds, made possible by a gift from the EQT Foundation, seek to "Seed new research projects in energy and energy water nexus across Carnegie Mellon to incent risk-taking and collaborations around new ideas."

The fund is available to full-time CMU faculty and intended to support one or more projects furthering basic research and understanding in the following areas:

  • Natural gas exploration and extraction
  • The impact of water and climate on the natural gas industry
  • Technology development related to the natural gas industry
  • Environmental assessment and monitoring in the natural gas industry
  • Energy policy related directly to natural gas development and use
  • Other similar areas related directly to natural gas development and use

Seed funding is also available for other energy related research, outside of the natural gas domain, through Scott Institute for Energy Innovation Seed Funds.


Applications will be evaluated based on...

  • Novelty and "newness" of proposed project
  • Collaborative nature of proposed project
  • Potential for impact in the areas outlined above
  • Potential for leveraging the seed funding toward a sustained effort beyond the term and activities of the original EQT grant

Application Process

ProSEED/EQT Seed Funds are administered as part of the Scott Institute Seed Funding Process. (See link for full details on application process.)  

Funding Details

  • It is expected that grants will range from $10k-$75k for one year.
  • A total of $175,000/year is available for ProSEED/EQT Seed Funds.

Review Process

A faculty selection committee will review and evaluate proposals. The selection committee will include affiliates of the Scott Energy Insititute and the Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research.  Funded proposals are subject to final approval by the CMU President and the Chairman of EQT.

Dates and Deadlines

Typical cycle (see Scott Institute Seed Funding Process for details)

Applications due: End of October

Decisions and funding available: Around January 1