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Other CMU Grant Programs

Other Seed Grant Programs at CMU


DSF Charitable Foundation through MCS

This program will support innovative interdisciplinary life science research involving collaborations across Carnegie Mellon. Four funding levels will be offered throughout the five-year program: Workshop and Professional Development Grants (up to $20,000), Early Career and Individual Investigator Grants (up to $100,000 over one year or $150,000 over two years), Collaborative Grants ($250,000 - $500,000)and a Moonshot Grant ($1,000,000).

Disruptive Health Technology Institute Seed Grants (DHTI)

An annual grant program to support research into technologies that have potential for substantial impact on health care (costs, patient quality of life and/or safety, etc.).

Division of Student Affairs (DOSA)

The DOSA committee reviews student (organizations and individuals) requests for projects, events, and initiatives that enhance the student experience at CMU.

Falk Fund for Research in the Humanities

For research by junior faculty in the humanities, by application to the Dean of the Dietrich College. For more information, call Anna Houck at 412-268-6991.

Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry:  Frank-Ratchye Fund for Art @ the Frontier

Grants funds through its regular grant program (projects over $500) and its microgrant program (under $500) to support interdisciplinary arts research by CMU faculty, students and staff.

Graduate Small project Help (GuSH)

GuSH Research Funding provides small grants of $750 to graduate students for forwarding their research at Carnegie Mellon University.

Leonard Gelfand Center for Service Learning and Outreach

Mini-grants to CMU students, faculty to partner with external groups to provide learning experiences for K-12 students, with a focus on STEM areas. For more information, call Judith Hallinen at 412 268-1498.

Manufacturing Future Initiative Grants

MFI seeks to support multidisciplinary research that will enable the “digitalization” of manufacturing and enhance the requisite human workforce through integration of advanced cyberinformation technologies, including, but not limited to, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, internet-of-things, machine learning, simulation and virtual modeling.

Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund 

Investments of $50,000 for entrepreneurs with a company or business ideas, open to CMU alumni within five years of graduation. Administered through the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Scott Institute for Energy Innovation Seed Grants

To support faculty research in energy sources, production, efficiency, environmental impact of energy, including shale gas; policy and economic issues. Calls for seed grants issues in October through November each year.

Small Undergraduate Research Grants (SURG)

The Small Undergraduate Research Grant (SURG) program offers grants to undergraduates at Carnegie Mellon for research in all fields of study.

Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research (SEER)

Small grants (up to $2500) for Carnegie Mellon students, staff and faculty for the development or enhancement of formal and informal environmental education programs.

Tartans Abroad

Small grants to support undergraduates for study, work, research, volunteer or other projects outside the U.S. during academic break period. Contact Jaycie King for more information 412-268-5231.

Wimmer Faculty Fellowships

For junior faculty interested in enhancing teaching through projects such as redesigning a course or exploring a new pedagogical approach.