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About ProSEED

A Grant Program to Nurture New Ideas at Carnegie Mellon

One of the defining characteristics of Carnegie Mellon is a continuous flow of new ideas, experiments, startups, collaborations and inventions.

ProSEED is a CMU-wide initiative designed to coordinate and provide seed funding to build on this strength and encourage boundary-crossing creativity and novel experimentation — to carry out our mission of research and teaching, improve the quality of life at the university, synergize resources, and strengthen collaboration across the university. 

The ProSEED program acts as an umbrella for several different internal seed grants in the areas of research, teaching, student life, community service and campus programming.  Every member of the CMU community (faculty, students and staff) is eligible to apply for at least one ProSEED grant in order to provide seed funding for their new idea.

ProSEED was chosen as the name because it suggests both the organic growth and forward movement that we hope these seed grants will encourage. Applying for individual grants under the ProSEED program is simple — applicants must provide a short (typically 1-3 pages) description of the idea and a high level budget.  

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