Carnegie Mellon University

Student and Caregiver Testimonials

In all honesty, this program helped me determine my major/career choice. Before, I knew I wanted a career in medicine, but these two psychology classes made me realize my passion for this subject. All of my expectations (and much more!) were met. Absolutely amazing experience. - Alyssa, Summer Session 2020

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Throughout the 6 weeks, the professors in the CMU Pre-College Architecture program made it so easy and interesting to learn virtually. The critique sessions helped me to create strong work for my portfolio. This summer confirmed my interest in an architecture career, and I am so glad that I attended! - Jacob, Architecture 2021

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Three architecture students sitting and discussing their work

This summer has been all about growth for me. I have been pushed to throw away my comfort zone, and dive deeper into the unknown. I have met so many incredible and talented people who I know are rooting for me (and who I am rooting for too!)…. I now have quite a few new tools in my toolbox and cannot wait to use them! Thank you, Pre-College.  - Ryan, Drama 2021

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The experience was incredible, I learned so much, and expanded my confidence in myself tenfold. My experience will be a fond memory for me even into adulthood, and I fear, just a little, that I may not have a college experience as nice as the one that I had here. - Gabrielle, Art 2019

A+ experience: As part of the CMU Computer Science Pre-College program, our daughter was able to access help from both the professors and teaching assistants, even into the late hours as she worked on the project. The program has been both challenging and rewarding, a great learning experience.  We are extremely humbled that she was picked for the experience. - Emma, Computer Science Scholars Parent 2021
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Over the summer I have not only learned from my program (SAMS) but also from the different seminars and clubs I attended. Every staff member that I have talked to has been very helpful and has given me confidence in my ability to succeed in college. I have gained new skills ranging from time management to the ability to speak up and participate in a group setting. I am excited to take the skills I have learned from my pre-college experience and apply them to my final year of high school and college in the future.  - Heather, SAMS 2021

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Carnegie Mellon's program was a very valuable experience for me, and I learnt a lot about the field I want to pursue in college - Artificial Intelligence. AI4ALL at CMU was led by some of the best researchers and professors in the industry and I feel grateful for everything they taught me. - Aryan, AI4All 2021

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CMU, for a second year in a row, was [our son’s] happy place. It was his time to learn just what he has always wanted to study, Engineering and Computer Science. He was so happy to see the courses available to him at his age and said, "this is exactly what I want to do!" I am so thankful that he found your program because you could tell - he felt really good about himself attending classes at CMU! - Anonymous Parent 2021