Carnegie Mellon University

Student Testimonials

“I love all the CAs, RAs, TAs, and professors. I really enjoy this program and would carry this memory to the future.” – Jason W, NHSGA “19
“This was the best summer I have ever had! This program made me step out of my comfort zone and reach almost my full potential to study and practice.” – Amy T, Summer Session ‘19
“Before going into SAMS and CMU Pre-college, I was nervous about the imminence of college and college applications. As a first generation college student, I had never known what it would be like to live at college. SAMS gave me the opportunity to live on campus and experiences CMU’s stellar academics for free (something I could have never otherwise afforded).” – Emilia A, SAMS ‘19
“I've loved every day of my past two summers at [Summer Session]. They've made me a much better student and helped me confirm my love for Math and Computer Science. I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about learning in these areas. Thank you all for making this program possible!” – George B, Summer Session ‘19
“There is no other program like this and it was an amazing experience for my child. My favorite line from opening reception was “this isn’t summer camp” (paraphrased). It was not. It was a lot of hard work for my daughter and she gained so much (knowledge, confidence, and friendships) from the program. Also, according to her, the instructors were great. It was a great experience.” – Parent ‘19
“CMU was the best pre-college program to prepare students for what will be expected of them, and why working hard in high-school is so worth it. My expectations of what I want for my own education has changed because of CMU. People make the place.” – Behr C, Drama ‘19
“The instructors were absolutely amazing. I find it incredible that the instructors (many of whom are CMU professors) continue to email my son and other summer students with advice and recommended reading even after the program has ended. My son's growth as an actor, as a student and as a person was exponential. I have never seen my son grow so attached to other students and mentors in his life. His experiences were life-changing.” – Elisa Y, Parent ‘19
“We saw the beginnings of our son becoming a self-sustaining individual. While he was still the same kid when he returned we also noted a difference in his overall approach to his studies and how he handled himself. He also described a lot of what he did in the Pre-Summer Arch program in adult terms which was fun. In other words, thank you for this amazing growth opportunity for our son!” – Eric W, Parent ‘19
“It was a great experience and we feel grateful to everyone who put their work in making this program so well organized and meaningful.” – Valeria R, Drama ‘19